Going Bald

In my previous post, The Membership, I begin to experience side effects from chemotherapy. The side effects continue, so this post is dedicated to my hair.

In many cultures, beauty is defined through hair. The beauty industry is here to stay, and it evolves with the demands of each generation…

El Salvador tall tales

If you meet a grandmother from Central America, ask them if they have encountered “La Siguanaba.” I bet they will have a captivating story that will have you second-guessing and wondering if this supernatural creature really exists.

Storytelling is an art, and it binds family and culture. It’s a time…


My mother’s blue Pontiac minivan was the center of our world until it caught fire at a gas station.

It was a hot summer day in Maryland, and as I sat in the car waiting for my mom to finish pumping gas, I noticed smoke entering through the ventilation…


A few days ago, I was having a conversation with a friend, and I told her that I felt disconnected from my Latina identity.

I have been living in Dubai for nine years, and my culture is sometimes a faint memory.

So what do I do when I realize I…

Surgical removal

I write to express my feelings, and today, I have many emotions.

I’m having a minor surgery tomorrow, one I have been looking forward to for some time. Now that it’s here, I feel a touch of sadness.

Two years ago, I had a life port implanted in my chest…

What makes you happy

I would say that overall I’m a happy person. I don’t wake up feeling like “life is perfect” every day, but every morning is a blank page with a customized layout. If I feel sad about something, I allow myself to experience that moment. I make space for emotions like…

Start Now

Yesterday I spoke with my sister and she said, “This week I’m going to be productive. I need to stop looking at this like some pandemic vacation”.

Many of us feel like we must be the most productive versions of ourselves because we have time staring us in the face…

Future Tests

On November 19, 2018, I proudly held a sign with my fiancé by my side, “Last Chemo Treatment.” I felt like I was holding a Grammy! All those months of pain paid off. I was in remission and given more time.

My fiancé and I went on our first trip…


Welcome to my journal! Writing brings me joy and these are my topics: Cancer, Expat, Latina, Organization, Storytelling, Social Issues, Travel, Welllness

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